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My name is Anne Parmeter. I create, produce, and advise on visual content and experiences to facilitate the development of new skills. You know that airplane safety brochure that shows people ecstatically sliding out of a plane that's on fire? I don't make those, but I could. 

I love the exercise of taking a very squishy concept, like, let's say vulnerability, for example, then considering it within the framework of relate-able variables in a quite concrete way that allows visualization. Can you picture it? No you can't. Because you aren't looking at it. That's why we need a visual aid.

I create training videos using the same philosophy. Thoroughly researching the issue helps me to define the knowledge gaps, then I identify the skills that the audience already has, then I create content to facilitate the leap from the unknown into the known. The School of Life is one of my favorite examples of a group of brilliant minds who execute this concept exceptionally well.

Regarding portraits- I'm a very shallow and critical photographer, which I think is why people choose my photos for their profile pictures. We're all critical when it comes to our own likeness. We can tell which smiles we faked, and which poses were forced. What I lack in years of experience or technical knowledge, I more than compensate with my discerning eye and proclivity for style. I've had the great pleasure of shooting portraits for hundreds of professionals, and not one was an actual model. So I know what to do with your chins and wrinkles and wonky eyes.  I'll make you look like your best self, with all the smoke and mirrors we can muster between us. I believe in taking the time to know someone and finding out how to make their most beautiful likeness represent the way they see themselves and want to be seen by others.

The philosophy that guides my work is that it must be meaningful and memorable. This means it's socially relevant- it's hip and funny and fresh. But it also needs to impact people, and resonate with them emotionally.