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My name is Anne Parmeter. I create, produce, and advise on visual content and experiences to tell a story or impart new skills.

I love the exercise of taking a very squishy concept, like, let's say vulnerability, for example, then considering it within the framework of relate-able variables in a quite concrete way that allows visualization. Can you picture it? No you can't. Because you aren't looking at it. That's why we need a visual aid.

I create training videos using the same philosophy. Thoroughly researching the issue helps me to define the knowledge gaps, then I identify the skills that the audience already has, then I create content to facilitate the leap from the unknown into the known. The School of Life is one of my favorite examples of a group of brilliant minds who execute this concept exceptionally well.

The philosophy that guides my work is that it must be meaningful and memorable. This means it's socially relevant- it's hip and funny and fresh. But it also needs to impact people, and resonate with them emotionally.